19 Jun 2012

early 2012 .....Unique masks project ...

 Got this project from a friend of mine...so happy that it all can be done nicely....it forced my mind to be creative hehe...so now I'm starting to accept order for unique masks either for your private party, bday party or any other corporate event....please PM to ree.riana@gmail.com for price and details.....

Special Order for Special People ...xoxo

I received this "sudden" order from my best friend..we've been friend since we are in junior high I guess...so I really want to help her to create beautiful wedding...She told me that the theme for her wedding party is sweet and cute...tadaaaa....these are some gifts I create for her.. if any of you interested, please PM me at ree.riana@gmail.com....special order is accepted ...^^
preparation.....to make all the ribbon in the same size i guess i should do this..hehe

20 ribbons are ready

these are the results.....special gift for single friends at Natalia Setiadi wedding party

designed for Natalia's wedding guest book

sweet izzit ?

owl....owl....I love you

Inspired by my friend's daughter and a scrap fabrics from mom in law....^^....here it is...
Owl, I love you !! headband @ IDR 50000
for info...it can be combined with personalized owl goodie bags, pencil toppers and others for your kids bday...PM me for details...^^...I'll give special price if u order in big quantity......xoxo

13 Feb 2012

Late upload....it should be Nov during the fX bazaar

012-vin et imagination 2nd IDR 80000 each
012-bambi bambi IDR45000
012-batik flower lace IDR 85000

012-batikbatik IDR 60000

012-belle bebe IDR40000each

012-belle IDR 50000

012-black bow IDR 60000

012-black ribbon IDR 45000

012-blue lines IDR 55000

012-for you baby headband IDR40000

012-ethnic runaway IDR 65000

012-cute owl IDR 40000 per pair

012-complete bow IDR 50000 per pair

012-charme noir IDR 65000 each

012-lovely pen IDR 25000each

012-papillon blanc IDR 60000

012-pretty bow IDR 30000

012-ring ring IDR 65000

012-purple batik big flower IDR 85000

012-rose et mignon IDR 50000

012-vin et imagination solo IDR 80000

012-sweet flower IDR 45000

012-stones IDR 55000

012-simple bow IDR 25000    

Interested ? pls pm me at ree.riana@gmail.com...because some color are sold, so please email me for details so i can re-check it ......^^.......